Love is the Key

Helping you release your fears to live a more authentic soul driven life

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Let us help you strip away your fears,
and return to love, to the person you really are.

And with that allow your inner Goddess to rise

We are Nicky and Steve, twin flames. 
Both engaged together for you on our spiritual journey.

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We look forward to meeting you on your path, and to helping you move forward to a more authentic and fulfilling life.
Nicky & Steve

 Returning to the love buried within you 

We are born in love, pure love. As we grow we bury that love under an armour of fear acting as our protection against further pain. Through our work as healers and  coaches we'll help you strip away that armour piece by piece on the journey back to true love and your authentic self

We are born in love, we were created from Love, from the divine source. That love is our natural state, it's who we are. It's like the sun in the sky, forever present as a shining light within us. 

As we grow, we learn fear. Fear acts as the armour to protect us from hurts, our endless warning system for pain. We leant fear through our family, school, job. It's like the clouds that begin to hide the sun. Our light is dimmed behind the clouds. Fear is our armour protecting us from outside forces. The aim of life life, at it's most simple is to return to love, to learn what the fear is, grow through and shed it. THIS is what life is. Growth through fear to return to love. You see , Spirit can cannot grow only in love. Spirit IS love, and for it to grow it needs contrast and that contrast is fear. Every choice we make is made from either love or fear. Running from something out of fear, or running to something in love.

Our life experiences teach us this contrast between love and fear. I have heard so often 'Love yourself more', 'need more love'. I have realised that this cannot be! Love is there! It never went away! We can't love ourselves more, we are love! The question we need to ask ourselves is "Where can I let go of fear? Where am I holding on to fear? Where is there too much fear in my life" This is the basis of all our work, helping you let go of fear. Once we let go of that fear we are able to live a more authentic life from love. Make decisions based on love, choose our way with love, see the world with love. 

Live the life you were meant to live.

As we move into the feminine energy of the Piscean age, our roles of masculine and feminine will change. Our feminine energy within us will rise bringing with it community, intuition and sensuality. The masculine amongst us ( the man, or masculine energy in a same sex couple) may feel lost with this new energy, whilst the feminine amongst us (the woman or feminine energy in a sex same couple) may feel surprised at the rise of the inner Goddess. 

Sensuality and sexuality are often confused. As we move into this new age of feminine energy, the sexual roles of the masculine and feminine in a couple are changing and with this the couple may feel lost. No longer is the masculine animal drive at the forefront of the couple. Feminine sensuality takes to the helm to entice the masculine into a divine chase and dance. 
Divine Sensuality is here to inspire you, to advice you and encourage you to explore your own sensuality, to allow the feminine sensual goddess and the sensual masculine warrior to rise and take their place in your couple. Through videos, photos, advice, chats and so much more we would like to entice you into the world of Divine Sensuality.


Toucher la surface
Emotion code

Healing method based on the suppression of negative emotions stored in the subconscious mind.

Classe d'art plastique
Creative transformation coaching

Transforming your life through your creative expression

Soul art readings

A personal reading of your soud through intuitive painting with essential oils

Image de Joshua Newton

Healing and guiding through an ancient healing tradition and moreover, way of life, connected with nature.

Energy readings

Shamanism healing,

ribbon readings and
cristal healing

 Who are we ? 


Nicky Peet

The Divine Feminine Goddess

Energy healer


Intuitive artist


Steve Howards

The Divine Masculine Warrior


Energy Healer


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