IntuARTiv  Expression Individual Coaching

This method was developed by myself through my own experience of intuitive art painting and what was being shown to me. When the session is in person as regards to via skype, we also have access to my 100 essential oils to use within the paint!

(See end of article for more details on how you can work with the oils and the paint in your own home)

intuitive painting with nicky peet

Comment from a client

“I cannot begin to tell you how powerful this process is, how it really shows you where you are blocking, and believe me it shows things you really never saw coming. Painting without the oils works but it’s like reading a book compared to a film. You create your own interpretation whereas the oils put the whole thing into context. It’s like they do the translation for you.”

I cannot begin to tell you how powerful this is."

Creative transformation coaching is for you if:​

  • You’re feeling stuck in your life

  • You’ve been through a difficult moment

  • You’re at a crossroads

  • You want to be more creative but don’t know where to start

  • You’re going through a creative block

  • You feel you need to release something but unsure what

What are the benefits?

  • See where you are blocked in your life

  • Release blocked emotions

  • Work through difficult moments

  • Express your emotions

  • Clear and empty the mind

  • Stimulate creative expression

  • Visualise what is holding you back

  • Release past trauma

  • Release buried and hidden blocks

  • Allow the the artist within to create

  • Allow your inner child to express itself

  • Discover what your soul wants you to see

So what happens in a typical session? 

Starting with a blank canvas, first we connect to our inner self through a short meditation.

Then you will choose a few colours of paint that inspire you and start to add the colours to paper. In any way you feel. And you can choose essential oils to put IN the paint! Now imagine that!

At first this feels difficult, your mind puts up blocks “I can’t paint” “I don’t know how to paint”…and this is normal! But as you start to paint over layers you will begin to realise that you start to let go of that feeling, as you will paint over your “misakes” anyway, and as this happens your soul begins to really open up and speak through the paint. The oils too will begin to help shift emotions BIG time as you inhale them as you paint. Their fragrance will linger for weeks to come, and their energy vibration will also continue to play.

With each layer we can stop and contemplate what YOU see in the art and what that means for you on your journey. This is YOUR interpretation of YOUR life. This is where the emotional comes in to help you delve, and open up.

There will come a moment when you will  feel the end, a moment of harmony, peace and completion in the painting .

At the end of a session, I guarantee you will feel somewhat ’emptied’! This is emotional stuff!! 

You will go home with your painting and samples of the essential oils used with recommendations on how to use them.

At the end of your course of sessions  you will know where you are blocking, you will have released emotions, know where your next step is, be able to look at your life from a completely different angle, you will see things, correlations, stumbling blocks in your life where you never saw them before.

These sessions can be done online via skype if you live too far from me (Nantes, France), you can work in the comfort of your own home.

You will need

  • a selection of acrylic paints, with a minimum of 10 colours that inspire you.

  • a selection of brushes for acrylic paint (3-4) , for example 2 widish square ones, and 2 more pointed ones

  • paper for acrylic painting (paper, not canvas. Working on a canvas is expensive and you will feel the need to produce an artwork, rather than playing!)

  • a plate or something flat to put your paint on (I love using a glass tile)

  • Essential oils are a HUGE part of this. I personnally ONLY use high vibrational oils, as they are highly concentrated, pure, and their energy vibration resonates completely with our spiritual and emotional body which is the purpose of this coaching ( other oils work only on the physical as their energy is lower). If you would like to purchase your oils here, I will give you discount off the price of your group of sessions with me . This discount will be equivalent to the price of the oils you purchased .
    For example you purchase oils to the price of 50 euros, you will get 50 euros discount, purchase 300 euros of oils and get 300 euros discount!

When you purchase the oils, not only will you have them for the painting, but of course for your health, your home, cleaning, diffusing, boosting. It’s a win win situation!

You can, of course, not use oils but the release will be much slower and the interpretation of the emotions will be missing.

Like to know more?

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