Energy Reading

This area of holistic health includes many forms of energy reading and energy healing combinations. Whereas energy reading is important to reveal more general blocks and barriers, it is also key to unlocking the guidance of, and our connection with our passed loved ones.

Shamanic Healing

The shamanic healing ceremony that I practice, is but one of many ways to activate healing of both past and present healing processes.


That is to say, my shamanic ceremony serves all healing purposes, and will focus on areas of the greater need for healing.


The same ceremony also provides an open connection to great spirit, whereby the intention is set to seek the wisdom and spiritual guidance of the ancestors. In all instances, my personal connection to spirit is with a very strong Native American influence. Hence everything shown to me will be given in visions related to the Lokota Sioux nation and my 1st nation guides, power animals and symbolism.

It will be important for both you and for the ceremony, that when or if you receive a vision or message, that you share with me whatever it may be, no matter how insignificant you might view it as personally. Once the sacred circle has been created at the opening of the ceremony, and the intention is set, from that point on, everything that is revealed will hold a significance that may only become clear after the circle is closed, at the end of the ceremony.

There could well be a carried forward need for healing from a past life that, if you are made aware of, and are able to understand where that lays, you will be well placed to help heal that trauma.


Those who are yet to see through the veil to past lives, will be wise to record and bring to consciousness those cosmic energy revelations as the guidance will be understood when the time comes.

Post ceremony discussions between us will place most, if not all of the pieces of the puzzle into their rightful place, to reveal the overall picture and meaning. The pieces given that cannot be understood at the time, will be for your future understanding and integration to provide you with a marker that will serve as validation and waypoint.

If you have any questions about shamanic healing, please drop me a line.

Ribbon Reading


​The ancient practice of Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry.

Ribbon Readings may at times be the preferred "quick fix" option, but it will often prove to be the most dramatic and emotional option.


Because of its more direct connection with the energy of a specifically chosen and invited spirit, it can prove to be very profound and sometimes disturbing in its unique reality and direct connection. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to request readings for spirit that is known to you, to have been greatly mentally disturbed.

Psychometry readings are conducted through the sensation of touch (reading energy from an object). This occurs through the reader holding an object in their hands that belongs to, or has been touched by, the person who wishes to be read.

There are no set meanings to each individual ribbon, and you will find that one specific ribbon will simply "pop out" from the others... It picks you, rather than you selecting it.


My set of ribbons were chosen to provide an assortment of colours, patterns, and also different textures. I will invite the client to hold each of the ribbons for a time and maybe choose a ribbon with their eyes closed, this will ensure they do not choose their favourite colour.


When the client decides upon a ribbon that resonates with them, I in turn hold that ribbon. How does the ribbon feel? What emotions come to me? Do images come to my mind? If so, what, or who do I sense and see?

It is important that I miss nothing at all, and even if it may feel that it is something small and irrelevant, it may be a very important piece of information to the sitter.

Most of all, I try to relax and receive messages, not force or imagine them, letting whatever comes to mind flow in naturally.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystal's, stones and even fossils is an ancient practice dating back to a time when prehistoric humanoids encountered them, admired them for their beauty and felt the energy they possess.  That ancient knowledge of the vibration and energy of crystals, grew exponentially over Millenia to what it has become today in the holistic healing realm.  Crystal healing, also referred to as crystal therapy, is the use of crystals on or around the body to effect beneficial changes and redress imbalances. 


Since the advent of the modern day health care system, little more than a century ago, much ancient knowledge has been lost to humanity, including knowledge of plants for healthy eating and other easily sourced and beneficial medicinal plants, herbs and roots.

Most of the vitally accrued knowledge over the course since mankind has existed, allowed humanity not only to survive, but thrive upon the planet.

The things that were freely shared, once, were sadly erased and lost because they were of no financial interest to the large pharmaceutical industry.

Since that time, crystal healing has been wrongly claimed by modern science to be a pseudoscientific alternative medicine.  

What they (pharmaceutical scientists) claim to be "alternative medicine" was in fact the original and only medicine, and it existed for hundreds of thousands of years before the "new alternative medicine" arrived on the scene to try to discredit it, greedily, in their desire to mop up financially.

Crystal healing is a technique that uses semiprecious stones and crystals, with practitioners of the technique believing that these have healing powers.  Practitioners also believe they can boost low energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy and transform the aura of the body. 


Crystal healing fully incorporates all aspects of the patient’s life and aims to restore balance to the whole person.  In one method, the practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to chakras; or else, crystals are positioned around the body in an attempt to construct an energy grid, which is said to surround the client with healing energy.


Despite this (naturally!), scientific investigations have not validated claims that these "energy grids" actually exist, nor is there any evidence that crystal healing has any greater effect upon the body than any other placebo - for these reasons alone, it has been termed a pseudoscience. Even though science cannot prove that Crystal healing doesn't work! - So, what science is actually telling us is that they don't understand on any level how or why it works!

The agenda is clear when the claims against Crystal Healing are used in such a way as to attempt it assassination!  "When the practice is popular, it creates commercial demand for crystals, which results in environmental damage and exploitative child labour to mine the crystals"  

Trying crystal healing for yourself is the answer, especially when the narrative cites baseless claims of this nature.