IntuARTiv Expression

Intuitive painting is at its most basic, painting without an end in mind, enjoying the journey of painting.  It is a tool to help you reconnect to your intuition, to drop from your head into your heart.

This method was developed by myself over time through my experience in coaching, creativity and energy healing, as and the process of IntuARTiv coaching combines all of these,  teaching us to let go, trust our intuition and visualise what cannot otherwise be seen.

The magic ingredient added to all of this are the Doterra Essential Oils, which are used in the painting process, by being added to the paint, to aid emotional release and translate what is revealed in the painting.

Most essential oils work well on the physical plane, the difference however with Doterra oils is their ability to work on the emotional and spiritual plane dur to their high energy vibration. THIS is the difference. 

IntuARTiv Expression Classes

Do you want to experience IntuARTiv Expression in a class, maybe for your own Doterra team, or in a community group, or friends and family? Book me for a class to work with you virtually and experience the magic. 

IntuARTiv Facilitator training

You've experienced our classes, now you'd like to run them , for your teams, for groups in your community, taking our method far and wide. For fun, for leisure, to help people rediscover their creativity. You'll learn the basics of our method, how to run classes, your role as a facilitator and have ongoing support from me

Certified IntuARTiv Coaching Training

You want to take it deeper, and really help people shift their lives through releasing blocks. You've had experience hopefully of coaching, Energy healing, creativity. You want to help people at an energetic and emotional level. You'll learn the fundementals of our method, coaching skills, how to hold space, listening skills, there'll be group work, and working directly with me, as well as ongoing support. Certification