What is emotion code ?

An emotion is basically energy vibrating at different levels, the more negative the emotion the slower the vibration. I like to picture them as balls of energy of different sizes depending on the imensity of the emotion. These balls of negative emotion lodged in our energy field eventually manifest themselves as pain, whether emotional, mental or physical. Behind almost 90 % of physical pain lies a negative emotion. It is our body’s final signal to say something needs to be released.

They are also dense, weighing us down, and block our path, so that we do not seem to advance so easily in life, we can't see clearly and feel blocked somehow, we feel weighed down, slowing us down from moving forward. 

These emotions, balls of energy can be released. 


Through Emotion Code, an energy healing modality that allows us to identify what the emotions are behind a physical or mental pain and when they were blocked, and then release them. 

It's a very simple yet highly effective technique. If you would like to more, take a look at my Emotion Code page.

Emotional release can also be greatly helped with high vibrational essential oils. Essential oils you most likely will have heard of, but high vibrational? What does that mean, I hear you ask?

Everything is energy. If take any particle and look closely at it under an electron microscope, we can see that there is a nucleus, with electrons and protons. If take these electrically charged particles and look at what they are made of ....we find ....NOTHING! It is pure energy! And all matter is purely this energy vibrating at different speeds. Even our emotions are vibration. Examples of low vibrating emotions are anger, guilt, shame, sadness ..."I'm feeling low"... and high vibrating ones -Joy, love, peace "I'm on a high" ! The more love there is in anything, the high the vibration. You can see from the image below about the emotions and their vibrational level


So what does this have to do with oils?!

High vibrational oils have been made with LOVE, they have been made with that love from the moment the land was chosen, worked and prepared, to the planting of the chosen seeds, to caring for the plants, harvesting the flowers and leaves, producing the oils all the way to you. They are also made in love the way the workers are treated who grow the plants , harvest and create the oil. Right the way to the moment that drop falls from the bottle into the palm of your hand. The drop contains all the love needed to fill you with that love. The love of the Universe. 

And how does this make a difference?  Classic essential oils work on the physical plane, They're good for treating physical ailments, lavender for a burn for example. But when it comes to working also on the emotional and spiritual planes we need something that little more special. These oils. 

They shift emotions incredibly beautifully in line with your body and soul.  I use them in my creative transformation work with clients, and the results are incredible, helping to open up to emotional wounds, blocks, to work on the spiritual domains too . 

Want to know more? Has this intrigued you? then head over to my page