Personalised soul art readings 

Intuitive art for me didn't happen overnight, it unfolded slowly over time changing and developing over time. Painting in a rather controlled fashion at the end of my marriage, and slowly learning to let go more and more, with the layering coming in. As I delved into the layers I began to notice my emotions coming up and through the paint and saw that something was beginning to happen, an expression of my deeper self.

Then someone casually suggested that I put my Doterra essential oils in the paint, anf that took me on a whole new dimesion. These oils re NOTHING like the high street or organic oils you find readily. Such oils are great for the physical ailments , but with my oils we are working on the spiritual, and emotional planes. They take you to whole new level, connecting deeply to your soul and your energy, so much so that I have known people to cry just holding them as the oils do their work.

Intuitve painting with doterra oils

Putting them into my artwork took me to completely new places, my style changed, I went deeper into the soul, oils chosen intuitively, often with eyes closed. And I saw the connection of the oils, why I had chosen them and what that meant for me emotionally.

And then I tried something. I painted a canvas for someone, my now ex-partner. I was blown away. It was like I was going back into different parts of his life and healing them, each layer representing a part of his life. I realised I was on to something, healing art in it's purest sense. 
Then I did a couple of intuitive paintings for some friends, this time I filmed the process and talked through what I was feeling,  the essential oils and had chosen and the intuitve messages I received. It was like doing an oracle card reading but using the painting as the medium.  My friends received, as well as the artwork, the video of the process so that they could live and feel the process as well as hear the messages. They were blown away by the energy they felt just from holding the artwork. One received  images through the painting whilst another felt immediately healing through it. 

And of course the energy they continued to feel once the artwork was in their home.

Seeing the power of the painting, I realised that this isn't just painting for someone, this is using art to tap into the person's soul, and translate it into a bespoke work of art that narrates the messages the soul wants to communicate.

I now offer this service as a paid service, the artwork is created on a canvas, that is ready to frame and sent to you.

All I need is your full name, postal address and email. And I will do the rest!

Comment from a client 

"I  have just watched the painting film for myself. I took 1 photo after each layer. This one is just impressive because there is a blossoming face in the middle. I received an energy healing just by watching the video . It's incredible. I felt at peace after you talked about my ancestors. And now I'm just zen. Want to go to sleep. Wow, I still can't believe it ."

intuitive painting by Nicky Peet



Video only: Video of the process and commentary via private you tube link only available to you, wiith photo of the finished art sent via email.  £120

Rolled canvas: Video as above, plus artwork done on a canvas, which is rolled into a tube and sent to you (postage rates will be added onto final price), for you to frame as you desire.   £180 

Stretched canvas: Video as above plus artwork painted directly onto a stretch canvas frame, 80 x 80 cm, ready to hang (postage rates will be added onto final price).  £250

Payments via paypal,  50% to paid prior to the artwork being done, final 50% on completion.