How raising your vibe is a life changer

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Yep. Understanding this is the key to making your life tick.

This is basically all there is and is the basis of so much of what I do. Once we understand the concept of energy, all this woo woo stuff like the Law of Attraction suddenly starts to make sense, it's all quite scientific really!

Ok let's go! Are you ready?

1. We are basically 99.999% energy, and 0.0001 %matter. When quantum physicists found that if they looked at molecules, then atoms, then the particles that made up atoms, they found....nothing! Just energy, the atom just being a force field.

2. Remember your science lessons? Solid matter is made of particles that move slowly, whereas as liquid moves quicker, and vapour quicker still? Ok. remember that point!

3. Colour is essentially light at different vibrations, wavelengths -Infra red being a slower or longer vibration whereas UV being faster. So all we see around us has a vibration of colour.

Still with me? Good!

4. Ok So you have got the point that we are energy at our essence. This is science, not woo woo! So now this is where we get applying it to your life so stay tuned!!

5. Emotions are energy. We feel them. Low emotions such as sadness, fear and guilt are slow energies...remember, slowe energies are denser, heavier, more solid. And don't you feel that heaviness when you're sad? Fear and anger are still low but more active, they vibrate slightly faster, so if we move from depression to anger it's a good move. We're moving up, and that's the aim of life, keep moving up to the highest emotions, like joy, and love, that is all we have to remember in life! I'll tell you how to raise your vibration in a further post. For now it's important to understand why doing this is so important for you.

6. Ok so we need to keep moving up. why? Because negative emotions, or those of a lower vibration stop us from moving on, they're heavy, we're dragging weight, walking through clay. Imagine water. Ice doesn't move, it stays put, a mountain will block us,but once we increase its vibration (through heat) it becomes liquid- now an iceberg can become a river, a river can carve through mountains! And then to steam? Wow! we can fly above the mountains!! We are free!  Do not forget that we are 70% water. imagine what emotions do to our bodies? Just take a look at masaru emoto to know more about this.

7. Now imagine a ladder. A ladder against a wall surrounded by people. At the bottom (lower emotions remember) all we see is the dirt, the gutter, people's feet. we can't see far, it's darker. Now start climbing up the emotional ladder. the view gets clearer, we see further, it's lighter.  Just like life, the lighter the emotion the higher up we go. We begin to see opportunities so much more easily than before, life is easier!

8. So too, like attracts like in vibration. We will always attract the vibration we are vibrating at. this means people  of similar vibration, opportunities which match our energy - or problems and difficulties in the lower range.

Are you beginning to see the importance of our emotions and how law of attraction works?

Law of attraction isn't always about attracting things it's about attracting things and opportunities that match our vibration. If we're at the low end of the scale we're not going to attract that that is a the top (abundance, amazing opportunities for example), The Law of attraction attracts at where we are NOW!

This is why emotion, feeling, is so important, even when making dream boards- we are working on the feeling that house will give us. Our vibration will be matched!

So how do you raise the vibe? Just briefly -as I'll cover this in another article, but basically, by doing what you love, meditate, listen to upbeat music, swittch off the tv, stop watching horror movies, heavy metal, be round happy people, do sport, GRATITUDE, oh gratitude is huge in this, (another post coming on that!), let go of negativity, resentment, forgive and so much more... Just aim to get higher, step by step. be aware of your feelings, your energy. And keep on movin' up!

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