In with the new

Following on from my last blog post which, out of necessity covered negative life events, It is with the greatest pleasure and gratitude that I can now relate to the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced in terms of a relationship, barring none.

I will try to fast forward here, visiting some, but skipping over the vast majority of details, to outline our blissful transition into a twin flame union.

From the very start, when Nicky split up with her last partner and announced on Facebook that she would be relocating from France to the UK, I was overcome with sadness. I was genuinely sad for her that her relationship had broken down, but the news that she would be leaving France, completely "floored" me.


Truthfully, at first, I didn't really know exactly why, but I was becoming increasingly aware that my feelings toward Nicky were the reason that I felt so saddened. We had never met face to face and yet it honestly felt as if I was losing someone who I loved deeply. How could this be? Our only connection to date had been via Facebook, and nothing that we had shared to this point provided any indication that there was anything at all between us.

Sure, Nicky is a very attractive and desirable woman, and that fact certainly wasn't lost on me, but she was very much, in my consideration, completely out of my league in that respect, plus she is very much younger than myself. No, as far as I was concerned, despite my unquestionable attraction to Nicky, I had to bury those thoughts.

However, our connection grew rapidly, with our Facebook exchanges becoming evermore regular. It became clearer by the day to us both that there was a distinct soul connection between us, but what exactly that was, we were yet to discover. We began to communicate via messenger as a result, and we then discovered the true depth of that soul connection. We were being drawn inexorably together.

Looking back, the synchronicities between us at that time were simply astounding, and they have grown exponentially on a daily basis since then. With guidance from the divine source, the universe, we were catapulted at the speed of light towards a deep soul Twin Flame relationship. Neither of us actively seek tags, but neither do we hide from the undeniable truth that what we now have is a very clear and profound twin-flame union.

Whilst on the face of things, it may seem somewhat fanciful to some, we, ourselves, fully understand and accept the extreme nature of the relationship that we are in. We happy to say that we have successfully completed much of the work needed for our souls to fully integrate and unite, which entails the need for healing on so many levels. We work as a team to ensure that we remain on course to achieve that in every way... the complicity between us is our strength, and we know that, together, the success of our union is assured.

Where do we go from here? There are many aspects of our union that are truly astounding, and we might reveal some of that in future blog posts . In the meantime why not take a look at our You Tube channel for our updates on our journey, or hope over to our Facebook group Love Is The Key .

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