Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of female empowerment and sensuality

This topic is so huge I just wonder where to start. Do I start from where we connected to the dots backwards to years ago? An introduction to this incredible Goddess? Who is this goddess and what does her presence mean to us? It really is so vast with so many branches rising from it.

Being on a divine journey of Twin Flames has opened many doors for us, taking us to new realms and this journey isn't any exception. It has however, stunned us in so many ways and also confirmed so many synchronicities and events for us.

Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess, with the head of a lioness, known as the one who came before the Gods, before the beginning of time. She is a ferocious Goddess who protects the divine order, the light and her pride, the people. She is the Goddess of female empowerment and sensuality and that of great healing. She was known for her temper and anger but only because those who rattled her were the ones who went against the light, who wronged her people, her pride so to speak. Try and meddle with a lioness and see what happens! She is the keeper of harmony, and those who upset that harmony will face that swiping of the paw of the Goddess. She is also a Goddess of innate sensuality, , the sexiness of a woman who tempts the male lion to her, draws him in with her seductive energy. She is the epitome of feminine power and its force that lies within sexuality and seduction.

It is through her that I realise that she is with me to heal the wounds of the crushed feminine power that I talked about in my last blog post. Crushing this, disempowered me in standing in my truth and power. Her being with me is bringing this to the forefront, healing me and allowing me to feel my own seductive and sexual energy that drives me, this female creative force, the force that lies within Shakti and the Kundalini energy, that which Sekhmet is represented by, in Indian culture. The energy that rises within me and gives me the strength to stand tall, in my oneness with myself. To speak with MY voice as a woman, with my creative and healing powers, to let me stand in this world and anchor the feminine energy of the Aquarian era so that other women may rise into their own voice. She comes to me in the most intimate of moments, I feel her rise to embrace my deep sexuality and its delicious power, that which had previously been trodden on and crushed, she powers me up with her Goddess energy to tempt and seduce my partner,

To allow me to feel my own pleasure, to allow me to take my place on this stage of feminine seduction. With this I heal my wounds , deep wounds from my past so that I may bring to this world my own gifts, in my own way, allowing me to voice them with conviction and strength. Indeed I stand for, and possess the very same qualities to those of Sekhmet. I am a protector and bringer of light, and evolved soul that will shine my light on the darkest of places. my light so bright that darkness shivers. I too live and crave harmony, balance and justice, emphasised by the fact that I am a Libra, libra ascendant with also moon in Libra. Harmony and balance are my innate states of being,

She is known as (taken from :

The great one of magic

Mother of the gods

One who was before the gods were

Lady of the place of the beginning of time

At whose wish the arts were born


Opener of ways

Lady of transformations

Giver of ecstasies

Satisfier of desires

Inspirer of males

Ruler of serpents and of dragons

Ruler of lions

Complete one

Sublime one



Sparkling one

Mother of the dead

Great one of healing

Destroyer by fire

Lady of the waters of life

Guide and protectress from the perils of the underworld

Great one of the place of appearances in silence

The source

Winged one

The aware one

The gleaming one

Sekhmet, who reduceth to silence

Lady of jubilation

Adorable one

Shining of countenance

Mightier than the gods

Protectress of the divine order

The one who holds back darkness

The beautiful light

Warrior goddess

Goddess of love

Great lady of the house of life

Lady of the house of books

Devouring one

One before whom evil trembles

Lady of all powers

Most beautiful among the gods

Sekhmet, who gives joys

Unwavering loyal one

Beloved teacher

Beloved Sekhmet

Every one of these ring true for me, they brought tears to my eyes reading them for they are everything I stand for.

I was going to write that Sekhmet appeared in my life recently, but in fact I realise that she has been with me for some time without me being aware, in fact I had never heard pf the Goddess Sekhmet. So many signs and synchronicities came to us to show us her presence within me and I shall share this in another blog post as it deserves to stand alone.

I honestly have no idea where this journey with her will take me, and us, with my partner but it is the start of a truly incredible journey that we are eager to discover.

So, it turns out that the blog wrote itself and gave me the direction of its contents as I put the words down. Sekhmet is a truly powerful force and I have been guided to work with her to help other women stand in their power through my Facebook Group Rising of the Goddess which I hope you will join so that you too may release blocks and heal wounds through her. I would love to see you there.

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