Toucher la surface

Emotion code

for humans and animals​

Emotion Code identifies trapped emotions behind physical or emotional pain. Ideal if you feel you can't move forward in your life in any way. 

Pain is released, you'll feel lighter and more positive,and be able to move forward with ease.

Classe d'art plastique

Creative Transformation Coaching

through creative expression

Through painting intuitively  in a unique way, without any need for technique, experience nor talent, your soul will communicate to you that which you cannot see. Your blocks, where you are right now, what you need to know but couldn't see. 


Personal life readings

through intuitive art

Through a unique technique that I developed , allow you soul to communicate what it needs to say, through images and colour. See where are in your life that is hidden from view. No artistic talent or experience needed . 

Image de Joshua Newton


healing and guiding

Discover the world of the Shamanic  Healer...


Energy readings

Shamanic, ribbon and cristals

Through shamanic healing and ribbon reading, allow your spirit to communicate information required for your wellbeing

We also offer : 

  • Retreats and workshops on sensuality through the divine feminine

  • Coaching and life coaching

  • Reiki & Healing massage

  • Card readings

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