Who are we?



Hi, I'm Nicky, the Feminine Goddess of our divine Twin flame couple, and partner to my beloved Warrior Steve. the divine masculine.
I am here to help you release fears and blocks on the journey back to unconditional love so that you may live a more authentic life in line with your soul’s desire. 

My own journey to unconditional love (and meeting my Twin Flame) I guess started many lifetimes ago. In this lifetime however my true spiritual journey began when I was attuned to Reiki in 2011 and became Master Teacher in 2013 which sent me on a spiral of learning and going down endless rabbit holes, collecting knowledge, insights and tools on the way to help me serve you. My toolbox never ceases to grow as life expands more and more.
In 2016 I became a certified practitioner in Emotion Code, an incredibly simple yet powerful modality to identify and release trapped emotions behind physical and emotional pain. Each trapped emotion being a grain of fear to release and set you free. Art and creativity have always been part of my life, however it was after my divorce in 2010 that it really became a big part of my life, starting out simply as an enjoyable way to express myself and developed into something so much deeper. My unique technique of intuitive painting has become a powerful tool to access the soul’s voice through form and colour and to help you visually see what your soul is wanting to communicate with you. 

I am also an intuitive coach, with 12 years experience, bringing  in my tools of Emotion code, creativity, intuition and life skills as well as my innate ability to hold space and listen, in order to help you find your own answers within you. 

Through the divine feminine Goddess within me I also help the goddess rise within you, and to live your life in a more sensual, authentic way as we step into the feminine energy of this New World. 

I offer one to one and group sessions, as well as workshops and retreats to help you on your path of unconditional love with your inner Goddess.


Hi, I'm Steve. It pleases me immensely to be able to say that I am the divine Masculine partner of Nicky, the divine Feminine Goddess of our blissful Twin Flame relationship. 
In my field as an energy worker, I am able to help others to release the fears and blocks encountered on all of our journeys back to unconditional love.   

My own journey to unconditional love began on my first inception - upon birth six lifetimes previously - on the mortal plane.  

In this, my last lifetime, the final path of my spiritual journey, began when I was a child, as I believe it does for all of us. 

I was born a Shaman, it’s not something that is possible to be taught! 

I always understood that I was “different” and I realized from a very early age that I had been blessed with a sixth sense. In my latter years, visions and premonitions have been numerous, and I understood that, without certificates, it would be difficult for me in this modern world to even be considered a bonafide healer.  Of course, that would not have been the case at all, just a few decades ago, even though true Shaman have existed since mankind began to walk upright! 

I attuned to Reiki around 2013 and also learned how to read and connect with tarot cards and, at that point, I understood clearly that my energy reading, which extended to ribbon reading and, indeed, in 2015, I then discovered after one profound experience, that I also possessed distinct psychic medium capabilities. I’m not sure just why that surprised me at all, as being a Shaman, connecting with spirit, it was a divine gift from birth. 

I also work with crystals, in two ways. I create wire wrapped jewelry using crystals and stones, and apart from collecting specimens throughout my life, I hold certification for crystal healing. 

I also practice (uncertificated) healing massage and I have a lifetime of Life coaching experience gained from many dozens of encounters helping with advice to all of those who recognized me as a “go to” person... which again, is a very shamanic trait.